What it's all about

Each of us developers had this painful experience of dealing with a harsh code review. No matter how well established the team's code review practices are, there will be cases when a person or two have their own opinion on designing the chunk of code you work on. If the feedback is adequate and constructive, we accept it as a growth experience. If it's not formulated this well or sounds harsh and offensive, one can take it too personally and overreact, sliding into frustration.

There are even cases when professional medical help is needed to deal with the problem of reaction to harsh code reviews, like impostor syndrome complicated by depression or even rejection-sensitive dysphoria. The latter and similar cases form a persistent negative reaction to code reviews. They can block a person from working on and even cause a severe existential crisis.

This site is just a timid attempt to deal with harch code reviews, react to them adequately (like, f*ck it, it's not my problem in any way, but a problem of this unhappy person projecting their losses to results of my work), and help people to overcome such situations and live on and work on without any sad thought.

This is an open-source project. You can submit your ideas (or even positive review examples with your personal touch) using well-known GitHub practices. Kind and welcoming code review is pre-provided 🤗

Keep up the great work 💪 And remember: you are the best, don't let other people judge you as a person because of an occasional typo or whatever it might be.